Visit Haunted Inns and Hotels in Sheffield

The Most Haunted Places in Sheffield

It was mid-June and we are back in the Steel City. I have been here several times before. It is an impressive city for public houses and family entertainment. We desired to go to Kelham Island. At Kelham Island, we find The Fat Cat public houses, the Kelham Island Brewery, The Kelham Island Industrial museum, and the Kelham Island Tavern. We want to walk there because there are lots of sights in between Sheffield train station and Kelham Island.

Once outside Sheffield station, many water features are visible. These are great for children. These have been detailed elsewhere on the web. So, it suffices here to provide a photograph.

Once over the road, there is a Sheffield Halem building. It happens to have a water feature too:

A little further toward the centre, there is a millennium gallery. Unsurprisingly this has many exhibitions of cutlery. So, a photograph of a pineapple and the cutlery used to eat it would not go amiss here:

We moving on a little, we have gardens:

After these gardens, there are more water features and then the shopping centre. Between the shopping centre and Kelham Island, there is the Fire Police Museum. This incidentally always seems to be closed for repair. It was no different on this occasion:

The Kelham Island is about a five minute walk from here, discounting having to cross a busy road. Once over the road, the first public house we encountered was the Kelham Island Tavern. The next one is the Fat Cat. This is the flagship pub for the Kelham Island Industrial Brewery (next door). Just behind these buildings is the Kelham Island Museum.

We went to the museum first. It is still free on entry and hosts some wondrous items:

After an hour or so in the museum, it was time to eat. Several features I like about the Fat Cat is that it is child friendly, it serves wholesome hot food, the beer although a little hazy at first tastes magical, and it takes visa.

Alex was happy enough in there, with a selection of soft drinks and meals.

The pie was reasonable enough. The roast potatoes were a little chewy. I could taste the flour, unlike what one might expect from a synthetic pie.

I also noticed a board that said that on Monday evening, pints would be available for £1.30. Please read the board message for the specifics.

It is worth mentioning that there are other public house houses worth visiting in Sheffield. However, we did not visit any of these on this occasion. So, we will leave it there.

The Journey to Sheffield

We took the Norwich train that runs through Stockport and Sheffield. The journey was timetabled for 42 minutes but the train remarkably managed the passage is in even less time than that. Typically, there was a little ambiguity over the travel arrangements. This time the carriages were not designated a letter either from the outside or the inside. So, despite reserving seats, it was no surprise to find someone sitting in our seats; thank you East Midlands Trains. This person moved without any real prompting when we arrived to claim the seats; thank you anonymous person.

BEST WESTERN PLUS Mosborough Hall Hotel
High Street, Mosborough, Sheffield
Carbrook Hall
537 Attercliffe Common, Carbrook, Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Floozy and Firkin
743 Chesterfield Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Masonic Hall, Surrey Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Marples Classic Bars
Fitzalan Square, Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Mucky Duck
39 Snig Hill, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, City Centre
Novotel Sheffield Centre
50 Arundel Gate, Sheffield
O2 Academy Sheffield
37-43 Arundel Gate, Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Ridgeway Arms
Quarry Hill, Mosborough, Sheffield
The Ball Inn
70 Upwell Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire
The Brown Bear
109 Norfolk Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire
The Fox House Inn
Hathersage Road, Fox House, Sheffield, South Yorkshire
The Manor Castle
239 Manor Lane, Sheffield, South Yorkshire
The Market Tavern
27 Exchange Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire
The Museum
25 Orchard Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire
The Old Crown Inn
33 Scotland Street, Sheffield
The Old Horns Inn
High Bradfield, Sheffield, South Yorkshire
The Old Queens Head
40 Pond Hill, Sheffield, South Yorkshire
The Queens Hotel
85 Scotland Street, Sheffield
The Strines Inn
Foulstone Cottage Strines, Bradfield, Sheffield, South Yorkshire
The Three Tuns
39 Silver Street Head, Sheffield, South Yorkshire
The Wick at Both Ends
149 West Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Washington Hotel
79 Fitzwilliam Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Ye Olde Harrow
80 Broad Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire
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