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Station Hotel

4 Station Rd, Knaresborough

A large corner building of an early Victorian style, the Station Hotel is home to some exotic ghosts. The Station Hotel exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include Old Mother Shipton and John Metcalf. Metcalf was a well-, locals knew, musician and road builder, who died aged 92. John Metcalf lost his sight at the age of six through smallpox. He became an accomplished musician, guide, and, most famously, road maker. His road building activities began when he was over fifty. However, he still managed to build hundreds of miles of roads in the North of England, as well as bridges. Special tools helped him in his road-making activities, including a specially adapted "viameter", which measured distances. The hotel is in fact haunted by an old soldier who taps his way along corridors and landings. He is held responsible for interfering with electrical equipment and turning on jukeboxes. Although this is not in the machine’s repertoire, the most frequently played tune in paranormal time is Paranoid, by the Black Sabbath. World’s End Old Mother Shipton foretold that when Knaresborough Bridge collapses for the third time, it would be the end of the world. It has collapsed twice already, hence the name of this pub. It exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include a woman who is seeking release from her earthly bondage. A medium, visiting the World's End as a customer, said she sensed a ghost here that was seeking relief. Children who have lived here have told stories of speaking to the wraith. One child would not stay in a particular room because of voices and lights. A previous proprietor, Eric Wilson, owned a grandfather clock that had been stopped and run down. Suddenly, it started up again. It someone found to be fully wound. A woman walking through the pub felt something brush across her face. When she arrived in her room, she found her mouth was bleeding. This ghostly activity is caused by a 17th century girl Beatrice, who had worked at the pub, became pregnant aged 16, with hanged herself in the pub cellar.