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Old Deanery

Minster Rd, Ripon, North Yorkshire

In 1625, the Old Deanery stands on the site of part of the former monastery of St Wilfrid, for use by the Canon-in-Residence. One of the most attractive features of this Second-grade building is a splendid 17th century oak staircase and there is much in the way of 17th century moulded plaster cornices. In April 1974, workers discovered a door, which had been invisibly encased in an outer wall of the building for an estimated 150 years. The door was still on its hinges and it was then used as the main entrance to the restaurant, until 1990. During renovation in the mid-19th century, three skeletons were unearthed. It may be that it is these three, or one of them at least, haunting the Old Deanery. One , locals knew, ghost in residence is Jenny Wanless, with the other could be a previous Dean at the cathedral opposite. The phantom of the ghostly Dean has manifested to tap unwary guests upon the shoulder, with issue a blessing.