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Half Moon

Sharow Lane, Sharow, Ripon

Another haunted pub near Ripon, the Half Moon was spoken of in bated breath by the children of the city. This pub was haunted by a most dreadful ghost. He said he had heard his father and mother discussing it. Reports say it was child-eating ghost. However, was unable to find a name for him. ‘Sin eating’ was a custom dating to the pre-Christian era. It was still being employed as a religious ritual into the mid-19th century. This man was summoned to the bedside of a dead person, with on the body was a tankard of ale, a coin and a piece of bread. The Sin Eater drank the ale and ate the bread, symbolically taking in the sins of the dead person so they arrive before God in a cleansed and purified state. He then took the coin for payment. It is , locals knew, that the tradition persisted in Ripon until the mid-19th century. Could he have been the Sin Eater?