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Black Bull Inn

6 St. James Square, Boroughbridge, York, North Yorkshire

A 12th century inn, with a cruck-built structure, the Black Bull has an inglenook fire and original beams. A cruck or crook frame is a curved timber, one of a pair, which supports the roof of a building forming an ‘A’ shape. The Black Bull was a freighting inn, serving many regular trade routes. There is regular evidence of strange activity at the rear of the pub. This is now where the restaurant and several bedrooms occupy the site of the old stables. One proprietor of this 13th century inn had a late night routine of setting the tables for residents' breakfasts. This included leaving the morning drinks glasses upside down. One morning, he found them turned back over again. He was very careful the following evening to be sure he had turned the glasses over as usual, only to find them reversed by the morning. On another occasion, he found table napkins spread out on the steps. The chef had his special cooking dishes spirited away from the kitchen tabletop, with once found his utensils spread out in a long line on the floor. Chairs have mysteriously moved away from under dining tables where they had been placed. Only once has anyone or anything , witnesses saw, and One resident awoke to find a person wearing a cloak in his room and then walking out through a wall. It was real enough for him to telephone the police. On a stretch of road outside the Black Bull, the ghost of the Yorkshire highwayman, Tom Hogget, still rides.