Visit Haunted Inns and Hotels in Doncaster

The Most Haunted Places in Doncaster

There are plenty of pubs that are still open around Doncaster centre. In fact, there are several Wetherspoon’s pubs within a short walking distance of the railway station: The Old Angel (on Cleveland Street), The Red Lion (on the Market Place), and The Gate House (on Priory Place).

The Gate House did not smell too promising on our visit. We promptly made our way to The Old Angel. It is said that The Old Angel is haunted. Apparently, this wonderful venue was visited by an actual angel, who left an ethereal business card, according to one of the regulars. 

Last time we were in the area, we visited the highly recommended Corner Pin public house on Saint Sepulchre. We gave up the idea as it is not known for any supernatural activity.

After a trip around Doncaster centre, it’s always worth a visit to Doncaster Lakeside. There is even a Travelodge there that on-looks the lake itself. It is often rumoured that the lake (some quarter of a mile across) has a ghostly mermaid. We stayed in room 210, which does not face the lake itself (may be prudent for a cold day in winter).

Before heading off to the Lakeside, we would recommend a visit to the Dome (which is on the way). It houses one of the most impressive swimming facilities in the United Kingdom, with fast slides and outdoor swimming area. It was a £9 admission fee for parent and child.

AeroVenture, home of South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum, is also nearly and rather dashing. It was an £8.50 admission fee for parent and child.

From the centre, one might reach the Dome using one of the following buses: 25, 21, 99, 29, and 205. The bus fare is under £1.50 at the time of writing and takes around fifteen minutes.

We visited Doncaster earlier in the year, January to be specific. Obviously, we have been again since and we write about it below. Colleagues have been known to have a bit of a laugh at my vacation choice. Worse! The idea of spending a few days in Doncaster is most risible. Of course, they have not seen the attractions that we have seen. I (Phil) am not talking about the racecourse or football stadium, which provide unique experiences in their own right. No, I am referring to the Dome, the lake, and a handful of haunted public houses.

Before I pen a word or two about the haunted public houses, I wish to mention that the Dome has an enormous ice skating area (over a square mile), as well as two great water slides. So, there is family fun for a morning at least. Also, at the Lakeside, there is an adequately sized lake itself. It has ducks, swans, moorhens, and large fish. It might be an idea to book a room at the Travelodge to on-look this expansive lake. We did and we have no regrets. Oh, did we mention that there is the Lakeside Village just around the corner to the Travelodge? There is a clean precinct there, along with The Lakeside public house. 

The Lakeside public house is part of the Beefeater Grill chain. It offers food that may at first appear a little pricey when compared to a J D Wetherspoon outlet. We were happy enough with the food and the service. The selection of real ale is highly limited. In fact, the only real ale available was Black Sheep. This drink isn’t exactly my favourite but I had no trouble drinking it in the lightly air-conditioned milieu. Unfortunately, there were no ghostly reports.

The Corner Pin is the other public house that we revisited. It still offers excellently cooked food and real ales. Many of the ales on offer were brewed by the Salamander Brewing Company. All food and drinks that we tried were in perfect condition. We were even given 10% CAMRA discount. Last but not least, there were ghost reports. One is the ghost of a man in the lounge. The other is that of a presence in the cellar. Hopefully, we will soon have more detail to follow.