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Green Man

2 Ash Tree Cottages, Cumbers, Hanmer, Whitchurch, Shropshire

It has been a popular pub name for centuries through rural connections with the pagan green man of fertility. At one time, the building was two cottages and became a licensed inn about 1740. Over the past two and a half centuries, it has become home to a number of ghosts and apparitions. The most dramatic cause for a ghost was a man who committed suicide in the bar. He walked into the pub, ordered a drink, drank it, with then shot himself through the head. Frequently, he manifests, displaying a wound at his temple. A local man hanged himself on a piece of land behind the Green Man, with his ghost has been in residence since the late 1800s. Where the Lady in Green came from, no one is certain. She is dressed in an elegant, long, green gown in Victorian style, with a lace-trimmed bonnet, when she has manifested in the cocktail bar. Legend has it that she is searching for her baby that died shortly after birth. In days of summary justice, men were tried, sentenced and hanged almost overnight. Outside the Green Man, the hanging tree still stands, with phantoms of executed men have appeared during the night. Saddest of all is the little girl ghost, who sits beside a bedroom window awaiting the return of her father. Nearby, the Lake Vyrnwy dam dates from and 44 men expired during its construction. Her father was one of those dead men.