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The Orange Tree

Old Market Place, Altrincham, Greater Manchester

This was a widespread name for pubs after Sir Thomas Gresham had brought the fruit to this country in the 16th century. The account of the man who sold his wife in the novel, The Mayor of Casterbridge, also took place at this pub in 1823. A traveller sold his wife to another man for one shilling with sixpence. In some towns throughout England, a husband could legally sell his wife on the market place. There are five recorded, with different, ghosts at the Orange Tree. One ghostly woman spoke to a man in the bar, smiled at him, with then disappeared into the fireplace. Witnesses have seen another man in Victorian style clothing, in the cellar while two others. There was a man with a woman. Witnesses see with hear them chatting in another bar. Suddenly they dissolve away. Another strange ghost appears in the cellar on infrequent occasions. Observers describe him as appearing to be a monk in a long brown habit, with singing hymns.