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The George Hotel

15 Wellington Road North, Stockport, Cheshire

An ex-proprietor told of plentiful ghostly activity at this hostelry. Firstly, at the top of this hostelry, we have the living quarters. An ex-proprietor has personally seen a black dog many times. It sits on the stairs that lead to the manager’s flat door on Heaton Lane. In addition, in the kitchen storeroom, which she believes was the old bar vault, she has heard someone talking in her ear whilst in this room, on several occasions. Secondly, on the floor below, in Ladies, in main bar area, the taps would persistently switch on. If this was not enough, there is a raised up area (again in the main of the pub). Here, she finished work one night and locked up. She got a drink with a member of staff. She turned the music up very loud. They sat talking. All of a sudden, both looked over to the raised area. There, they both saw a man sat in the corner with a flat cap on. They looked at one another. The ex-proprietor headed quickly over to turn the music off. She then headed over to explain to the man that they had closed the pub for the night. However, there was no one there. She checked the toilets to find no trace of the man. Thirdly, there was also unexplained activity in pool table and dance floor area. The in-built disco lights would turn on by themselves. More disturbing, on many occasions, she sat in office downstairs, underneath these areas. She heard chairs and tables moving, as if someone had dragged these furnishings across the floor. Sure, enough on inspection of the CCTV, they had been moved to odd places. This happened when there was no one there who could have possibly done it. Fourthly, there was baffling goings-on in both the beer cellar and the keg room. The gas would often switch off. The ex-proprietor had ice thrown at me on multiple occasions, when no one else is in building. The rest of the cellar felt creepy; a feeling like someone is watching you! They are all dark little rooms. Therefore, one could just have imagined it; that is what she used to tell herself. Penultimately, regarding the Gents toilet Heaton lane side, the door would to blow open. One may attribute it to the wind. However, this highly unlikely as the force it would take to open and close would be significant. When fixing the toilet wall, she noticed a hole. There is actually a fake wall. When you look through at it, there is a very old toilet with a sink. There was some weird papers. No one could work out the writing on these papers that. The language was unintelligible. There was a figure stood in the window when the ex-proprietor used to come out the back at night. It occurred so regularly that she ended-up waving goodbye to him, when getting in car. Finally, the same ex-proprietor narrates about odd occurrences outside the back of this hostelry. She received a phone call one day whilst on the bar. It was a woman. She said that her son was in the pub the night before. She said he had parked his car at the back of the pub. As he drove off, there was a girl dressed in white, covered in mud. This image traumatised him. His mother said he had to sleep with the light on, as it terrified him. The mother wondered if we had seen anything out there that fits this description. The ex-proprietor replied in the negative. Nonetheless, she thanked the mother for the information. A good few months later, the ex-proprietor saw the exact same thing. However, this was a little further down towards the river. She screamed and sped off, crying. She attempted to research deaths around the River Mersey. Unfortunately, there was a lot over many years.