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The Kirkstone Pass Inn

Kirkstone Pass, Ambleside, Cumbria

The most elevated pub in Cumbria, it remains at the highest point of the pass and a sign outside keeps up the building dates from 1496. There have been numerous reports through the years of individuals seeing phantoms and spectres at the inn. On one event, a woman went out. She dozed in her auto because she was so dreadful. One family, staying here before Christmas, recounted a story of seeing a man remaining at the bar in 1700s style of apparel and accepted he was in extravagant dress. The witness of his wife outside the pub brought a photo with their child. When it was printed, it demonstrated a man in a tricorne cap. At the same minute that picture taker took the photograph, she felt a weight on her shoulder. Later she discovered a red imprint albeit nobody had been close to her. A neighbourhood youth, working at the Kirkstone Pass, turned around to see a woman wearing ash without a face. It was connecting with him. There is a duplicate at the hotel of a painting of the Rev. Sewell, who remade the inn and the apparition of a man shows up behind him. This figure does not show up in the first painting. Outside is an old tree called the Hangman's Tree. Witnesses see a female phantom here. Reports have said that powers hook her from it for killing her tyke. A worker clarified that the phantoms were unsettled. This is because the powers executed them on the hanging tree. These ghosts let her know that the powers had executed them undeserved, for their unimportant law violations. She was from Keswick. Locals say that she goes to the pub each few months. They generally see a few apparitions. On a few events, pictures have fallen off dividers. Workers have discovered them flawlessly organized some separation away.