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The Flowers Inn

141 Todmorden Road, Bacup, Lancashire

Licensees expressed so much concern about the ghosts and phantoms at the Flowers. They called upon a team from the Paranormal Activity Research team of Lancashire. After investigation, they maintained the Flowers Inn is home to the ghost of Molly, possibly a servant girl or child of an early proprietor. This phantom has appeared on many occasions along a corridor near the lavatories. They also reported evidence of an old man with a limping walk and a young girl who had died from scarlet fever. The pub name is from the 17th century, when some were named after saints and showed the flower for that saint on the inn sign. In the case of the Virgin Mary, it was lilies. Because the Puritans loathed such practice, proprietors called their pubs the Flowers or Flower Pot with the flowers of their religious conviction on the inn sign. A unique folk dance takes place at Bacup every Easter Sunday. It is performed by eight dancers of the Britannia Coconut Dances, one of Britain’s oldest troupes since the 1840s. They have blackened faces, hats like turbans decorated with rosette and coloured feathers, black jersey, red and white kilts, white stockings and shining black Lancashire clogs.