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Owd Betts Inn

Edenfield Road, Norden, Rochdale, Lancashire

Owd Betts was constructed in 1796 by Richard and Mary Ashworth. The hostelry then went to their child John and his wife Betty in the mid-1800s. Around this time, it became called The Hare and Hounds. After John passed away in 1869, Betty kept on running it alone. So, it became known as 'Owd Betts’. In 1893, Betty passed away at ninety-three years old. It was not until the 1950s that the hostelry was officially changed to 'Owd Betts’. It’s a fitting affirmation to the fabulous old woman. It is trusted that Betty may even now watch her hostelry today. A number of staff and customers have reported peculiar happenings. These include the routinely audible strides when no one is there.