Visit Haunted Inns, Pubs, and Hotels in Ribble Valley

Sun Inn

Windy St, Chipping, Preston, Lancashire

A 20-year-old woman, Lizzie Dean, hanged herself here in 1835. She still haunts the Sun Inn. Her suicide note, found clasped in her hand, read, “I want to be buried at the entrance to the church so my lover and my best friend will always have to walk past my grave every time they go to church”. Reports say they have seen her apparition in the pub on many occasions. One account describes an encounter in June 1999, when a man from Edinburgh, observed ‘A very colourful female figure with brown hair in ringlets. She was wearing a dress that appeared to have been through a washing machine many times and the colours had mingled’. The girl ignored him as he called out and her ghost disappeared through the snug bar. On one occasion, a previous proprietor was sweeping up in the hall. Its name was away. When he returned, the broom had been propped against the wall and all the rubbish cleared away.