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The Old Original

Thurston Clough Rd, Scouthead, Oldham, Lancashire

An 18th century terrace pub, it exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include an amorphous shape, the ghost of a woman called Eliza Jane MacKay. She committed suicide by drowning herself in the well of nearby New Inn Farm. Mackay was then buried in an unconsecrated grave, the usual fate of suicides. She is , locals knew, to have been an alcoholic who drank at this inn. Her phantom , witnesses saw, on several occasions in the 1970’s by the then proprietor, Mrs Vera Marner. The shape always appears to flit past the same area of the pub after entering through the rear door. Perchance she had taken this old route during her lifetime. Although Eliza Jane appears less frequently now, she still makes an appearance three or four times a year.