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Farrars Arms

56 Oldham Road, Grasscroft, Oldham, Greater Manchester

Before English towns had dedicated mortuaries, many pubs were employed to lay up bodies of dead people. This was because they had cooled cellars. The Farrar’s Arms was one such pub used as a temporary mortuary. Now it is evident the ghosts from yesteryear are in residence there. Recently, some cleaners fled the bar when confronted by the apparition of an old woman as they were about their duties. They have refused to come back after one said the ghostly woman walked towards her, with then dissolved slowly in front of her. Proprietors and proprietors have often heard this phantom’s footsteps from upstairs. Locals think to be the ghost of a former housekeeper at the pub who died when she fell down a staircase in the 1930s. Over the past few years, there has been a poltergeist at the Farrar’s Arms, where gas and cellar coolers have turned themselves off.