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The Most Haunted Place in Manchester

We attended the Manchester Rain bar- G & Teatime event. The Rain Bar is on Great Bridgewater Street. Incidentally, this public house has no known ghostly reports. However, the next pub up the road, Peveril of the Peak, does. After the event, we took a look there.

None of this is say that the Rain bar doesn’t have ghosts. After all, it began as a warehouse on the canal in Victorian times. Conditions of work in those times were not so good for the workers. So, there could have been a few accidents, therefore, some ghosts.

Nonetheless, due to the demand for umbrellas in the climatically wet Manchester area, what is now the Rain Bar, became an umbrella factory. It had a spell of being a dry-cleaning business. Now, it’s a J.W. Lees public house. Although now, its name is celebratory of its time as an umbrella factory and Manchester still has its rainy climate.

At the G & Teatime event, there was a broad range of attendees; a more even split of male than female than the whiskey event we attended. Neil from Drinking Classes was the presenter.The audience were served gin based drinks and afternoon tea. I learned a fair bit from the experience. So much so that several days after, I bought a Plymouth gin (the often sweeter and stronger of gins), fresh fruit, and Indian tonic water; it’s highly recommended (see photographs). Also, one chef who I sat with was pretty notable. He has a great nose for ingredients. It was surprising because it seemed that he could discern every ingredient in the drinks. I had little idea that such a natural skill exists. However, I’m not suggesting anything paranormal there.