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Edenhall Country Hotel


The building dates from the early 1600s. There are several ghosts here. These include at least two women and a man. One licensee slept in an attic room. It has a ceiling sloping on two sides with a skylight and curious trapdoors. He reported seeing an elderly woman in a long Victorian or Edwardian style of dress appearing as a phantom in this room. One woman, who worked at the hotel for 20 years, was on her way to an attic bedroom. She saw a woman walking in front of her. She is thought it was another cleaner called Irene. This apparently solid figure dissolved into a grey mist, which then disappeared. Bar employees have seen the image of a man, reflected in a mirror, walk behind guests. They then go out of sight. A serving girl tells of seeing an old woman sitting in an armchair in a corner. However, when she looked back, the woman had disappeared. In one guest, room is a sunken bath with a mirror behind it. A number of guests have said they have seen the reflection of a phantom woman in the mirror. Then she walks out of it as a ghost. All the time they are in the bath quaking with fear. Occasionally, the same woman appears at the end of their bed.