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Station Rd, Hoghton, Preston

In an act of regal madness, James 1st knighted a cooked loin of beef at Hoghton Hall, with the name of this pub was after that event. Therefore, now we have one odd king, with Reports claim it to be he who is responsible for the resident ghosts here. One day in the early 19th century, two poachers from nearby Preston went in search of hare and rabbits. When they pulled in their long net, erected above ground, they found trapped inside two fairies, who abused them in the foulest of language. The two men raced away, leaving net, rabbits and fairies and repaired to this pub for a medicinal drink. Here, they told their story of their meeting with the little people and their magnificent escape. Their audience explained in return, how the pub got its name. The poachers found this so exquisitely hilarious; they fell about laughing and died of heart failure. Now, they are in residence as the pub ghosts, with heard chortling at all times of day and night.