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Ley Inn

Back Ln, Clayton-le-Woods, Chorley, Lancashire

A most curious name for a pub, with suggests that it may have been built on a ley line. The town name records as Lailand in 1086, an estate with untilled land. The Ley Inn is a stone built early Victorian pub, with has had several visits from ghost study groups. During one investigation, using Ouija cards, a table they were working at shook with extreme force. It supposedly spun around, knocking one woman to the ground. Over the several visits, the group has reported contact and evidence from a woman called Arabelle. She had lived at the Ley Inn. It was born in 1746. An assailant took her life by a man who worked there, James Silcock, when she was 17. In revenge, Silcock was strangled using a rope, by the girl’s father, Robert O’Neil. The paranormal team concluded that the Ley Inn exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include the ghosts of Arabelle O’Neil and Silcock.