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Euxton Mills Hotel

Wigan Road, Euxton, Chorley, Lancashire

Although this pub has won acclaim to being the best-kept pub in 2001, 2004 and 2006 it has many spooky goings on. It was built in the 1760’s and is a very old building. It has been visited by the world famous medium Derek Acorah who named it one of the most haunted pubs in Britain and has mentioned the pub in one of his books. The proprietor at the time Keith Burgess still was sceptical and a Non Believer in the paranormal. Even though he himself had experienced mysterious goings on such as things being switched on and off in the cellar and staff have had “scares” he is still convinced there is an explanation. Besides the Grey Lady materialising in the pub, which regulars have claimed to see there, are said to be two more ghosts. There is a presence in the cellar and another woman residing in the ladies toilets. A team of American Ghostbusters also investigated the pub and the group concluded they had found evidence of spirits in the pub and not of the alcoholic kind.