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Ye Olde Boot Inn

9 Eastgate Street, Chester, Cheshire

In Chester's Eastgate Row, North, Ye Olde Boot Inn is a glorious white and dark gabled building. It is presently a second-grade listed building on the first floor. Inside, the pub has substantial shafts, dark woodwork, with some Tudor wattle and smear. It has been doing business since 1643. Therein, the landowner rehearsed as a hairstylist specialist and his wife as a "madam", with her troupe of "women of the night". Now and again, around evening time, when all is calm, the weak resonances of giggling and the quelled commotion of discussion in unfilled rooms can be heard. Occasionally, an employee may even discover a bolted the front entryway. At one time, it was Chester's most famous “massage parlour”.