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The Victoria

The Cross, 2 Watergate Row, Chester, Cheshire

This pub has history from the 13th century. A proprietor clearly renamed The Victoria after that queen came to the throne. Rather curiously, the ghosts that haunt the place came about with the introduction of metal barrels in the 1950s. Previously, when coopers delivered wooden barrels, the cellarman them lowered down ramps so no harm came to them. However, with the introduction of metal barrels, the cellarman would drop these onto mattresses in the cellar. On one occasion, the mattress with a beer barrel smashed through the floor. It opened up an old crypt. This released the ghosts that harboured there. Now there are black apparitions with poltergeists spiriting small items around, which do not surface again for days. They gripped members of staff by the shoulder with whispering their names in their ears.