Visit Haunted Inns, Pubs, and Hotels in Cheshire West and Chester

The Royal Oak Hotel

Chester Rd, Kelsall, Tarporley

Once called the Royal Oak, The Oak is an externally beamed pub in the style of the 1920s pub architecture. An investigative psychic group visited The Oak on two occasions he found three resident ghosts. Two of them are mother with daughter, Annabel with her daughter Jane. Annabel maintained that at one time she had owned several dogs. They had been hanged as a witch by the villagers. The third reports revealed as a male ghost, Robert Jameson, who had been a proprietor here in the early 1900s. Observers describe Jameson as a gaunt faced man. He manifests standing near the bar. There has also been some poltergeist activity with locked windows being opened with stacked bar stools taken down.