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The Old Star

Swanlow Ln, Winsford, Cheshire

A late Victorian pub, the Old Star exhibits ghostly manifestations. These include three ghosts, a previous proprietor, his wife, with a small child wearing an old-fashioned nightdress. Opened in 1871, tragedy struck in 1892 when the proprietor, Joseph Fletcher hanged himself from a knotted scarf. His young son, Harry who tried to cut him down, discovered him. The only knife to hand was blunt. He had to seek the help of his mother, Elizabeth. Shortly afterwards Elizabeth fell down the stone steps to the cellar, with broke her neck. Both husband and wife are in residence as the pub ghosts. Recently, the pub proprietor saw the ghost of a small child walking along a landing. She wore a floor-length flannel nightdress. This may well be the ghost of young Harry Fletcher.