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The Headless Woman

Tarporley Rd, Duddon, Tarporley, Cheshire

There are samples of this sort of pub name all through the nation, for example, Silent Woman, Quiet Woman, and Good Woman. They typically allude to records where the proprietor has been excessively chatty and passed on mystery data to the powers. They paid for this with their lives. On the other hand, the Headless Woman at Duddon had an altogether different explanation behind the name. Amid the English Civil War, Parliamentarian officers turned up at adjacent Hockenhull Hall. Royalist Squire Hockenhull had shrouded all the family treasure when he fled, leaving a servant, Grace Trigg, in control. These troopers tormented Grace. They at last cut off her head in light of the fact that she declined to say where villains had covered the fortune. Witnesses saw her phantom regularly inside the pub, her body complete, wearing a white dress secured with blood. Witnesses saw the dead servant likewise in the auto park. At that point, she had no head. These incorporate no less than six apparitions. Five of them are from the seventeenth century. The sixth is a nearby man who caved in with kicked the bucket in the pub in 1943.