Visit Haunted Inns, Pubs, and Hotels in Cheshire West and Chester

The George and Dragon Hotel

1 Liverpool Road, Chester

The beautiful walled city of Chester has been a fortress of the Roman soldiers, during their period of occupation in England. This pub stands on the site of a former Roman cemetery. It may be this is one of those soldiers, who are haunting the bar. Yet, loud footsteps people heard, walking from one end to the other. Twenty minutes later, the measured tread people hear again. There were stories that some people have seen the spectrum of small, dark skin man in a white robe, a number of times within the bar. Along the city walls, another ghost of a Roman soldier still patrols. Ancient legend says that he fell in love with a Celtic girl. He left his job to keep tryst with her. At this point, while the guard was distracted, the Celtic warriors attacked with forced his way into the old city.