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The Coach House Inn

39 Northgate Street, Chester, Cheshire

The Coach and Horses pub, directly next to the town hall. Along with the usual strange occurrences (sliding ashtrays, bumps in the night), the old management and bar staff tell a haunting tale of a sad old man, in need of a pint. In 1988, an old gentleman, well dressed and alone, came into the pub. As he sat at the bar, the staff enquired if he was alright. He told them that his wife had recently passed away, and that he wasn't comfortable at home with all the bad memories. He asked if he could book a room for the night, paid cash, gave over his details, and told them he was going for a walk, and would be back later in the evening. He never returned. When he still hadn't returned by two o clock in the morning, the management called the police, giving them the gentleman's address and name. The police searched the city, to no avail. The decided to check his house in Birkenhead, where they were told that the man had lived there, but had passed away shortly after his wife, eight years ago. Makes you wonder whether the staff checked if the cash was real...