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The Blue Bell Inn

Tushingham, Cheshire, Whitchurch

It is a 14th century pub. It is black with white timbered building. It is now with a Second-grade listing. The Blue Bell has a ghost duck with other apparitions. Try telling your friends you were enjoying a decent pint of beer when suddenly a duck waddled past and no one else saw it. The legend is that many years ago, a former proprietor killed a duck. He buried it in a wall. However, it has kept coming out to haunt the Blue Bell. Often people would bury animals alive into the fabric of a building or below the hearth, to protect against witches. It was, however, more usual to sacrifice a cat or owl, as these were thought to be more effective. At one time, a priest exorcised the Blue Bell Inn pub. However, the ghost-duck has completely ignored this. The proprietor tells of poltergeist activities. Here, drawers are opened and closed in her daughter’s room when no person has been there.