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Hartford Hall Hotel by Marston's Inns

81 School Lane, Hartford

Hartford Hall is a seventeenth century building. It was previously a manor house. It had a nunnery set inside its own enclosure. It even has a private lake. It is purportedly haunted by a phantom of a nun. She was supposedly bricked-up inside the wall of the adjacent abbey. In 2014, when Ghost Pubs visited, the staff did not give much credit to claims of finding a nun in the walls of the Nun’s Room. Albeit, the kettle in the room where stayed managed to turn itself on. The breakfast was exceptional and so was the evening meal. It worth a visit, despite that the brewery could neither confirm nor deny the story about the nun. Nonetheless, my son, Alex wrote the following: This hotel was by far the most terrifying of hotels that I have stayed at in my entire life. And guess what? It is haunted. It is said that a nun is bricked up in one of the upstairs rooms. It was once a nunnery. There is a lake next to the hotel. People say, and even I saw, the hellish monster lies beneath that cursed lake. I was walking down the lakeside when I saw a weird man-like figure emerging from the lake. It confronted me! It was covered in a slimy greenish substance. I knew it was not human. It looked different now almost as if it had morphed into a bovine creature, with horns the size of a chandelier. It then gave me a cruel stare, almost as if it wanted to dispose of me. I walked back into the hotel; traumatised by what I had just seen. I did not tell anyone since no one would believe me at all. The nun was just said to be a myth but I know it is real. In many ways since I saw nun at 11 PM, I was still disturbed. Therefore, I walked to the kettle, which happened to be next to a mirror. I turned on the kettle. All of a sudden, a ghostly figure appeared in the smoked mirror holding a Bible. The figure resembled a nun, who threw the Bible at me. I woke up several hours later wondering what had happened. However, I remember; and it will haunt me for the rest of my life.

An Official Response on The Haunted Status of The Hartford Hall Hotel by Marston's Inns

Thank you for your enquiry regarding the Hartford Hall Hotel.

I have spent the past couple of weeks trying to dig a bit deeper with this but as you may have expected I cannot offer any concrete or tangible evidence to support the presence of ghosts in Hartford Hall.

When Marston’s acquired the pub several years ago we did carry out some major renovation work – but the majority of this work was cosmetic and at no point were any peculiar findings reported.

While I am in no position to confirm that ghosts do exist in Hartford Hall, I am also in no position to confirm that they do not exist. I would welcome any further discoveries or findings anyone can provide on the building and I certainly would not discourage this sort of curiosity.

I thank you again for your enquiry and apologise that I cannot provide any stronger evidence. I hope you continue to use and support the pub in the future.