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The Royal George

King Street, Knutsford

Edward Higgins was a minor aristocrat with a housebreaker. He was robber by night. This hostelry, dating from the 14th century, was his favourite watering hole until he was taken away. Authorities hanged him in 1767. He is still with us at the hotel as a ghost, arrayed in all his period finery. After his arrest, he was held in the barred cellar of the Royal George. He used some rough chalk to sketch an image of himself on the wall. Although this has been scrubbed off with bleach or covered with paint, it still re-appears. Witnesses see with hear Phantom coaches arriving, dropping off passengers, with departing. Mrs. Elizabeth Gaskell based her novel, Cranford, on the town of Knutsford. Reports claim she haunts the Round Room at the Royal George, where she did much of her work.