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The Railway Hotel

Pillory Street , Nantwich, Cheshire

There was a proprietor had four daughters. Late one night, the proprietor slept with her bedroom door open, saw a girl standing outside. She assumed it was one of the girls sleep- walking. She spoke to the girl. She got out of bed to talk to her. As the proprietor moved towards the door, the ghostly girl walked away, down a corridor with disappeared. The proprietor checked on her daughters. She found them fast asleep in their beds. Sometime later, the same proprietor went to her private sitting room, with saw three ghostly children sitting together on the floor. They looked up, laughed, with disappeared. Another ghost, who frequently manifests at the Railway, is a white-faced man in an old-fashioned raincoat with bowler hat. He stands at the end of the bar waiting to be served. However, when anyone ventures near him, he dissolves away. A paranormal group has investigated the pub. They reported that apart from the young girl, it was haunted by Walter Jones, a proprietor here in the 1940s.