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The Old Bate Hall

39 Chestergate, Macclesfield, Cheshire

A ghostly young woman, hanged as a witch, haunts this 16th century building as well as a woman in a grey dress. Once it was the home of the Stopford family, Parliamentarians, with Oliver Cromwell stayed here on several occasions. It had previously been the home of the Earl of Courtown. It was licensed as an inn in 1810. There is still the fine Jacobean staircase, oak beams. There is also a priest hole, where religious adherents hid during parlous times. During one psychic investigation, a young woman, the witch, said she had been pursued by an angry mob. She tried to take refuge at a house, now the Bate Hall. However, she was dragged inside. She hanged from the banisters by the occupants. The Grey Lady has been somewhat shy, with resisted all blandishments to tell her story.