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The Lion and Swan Hotel

1 Swan Bank, Town Centre, Congleton

There has been an inn on this site for over 500 years. It contains a most marvellously carved fireplace surround. Witnesses describe the apparition as wandering the establishment quite naked apart from a pair of old-fashioned clogs with a curious smile. Locals think that there was an earlier building on the site, which could date from 1496. The main fireplace features ornate with intricate carvings of strange, erotic symbols with demonic figures. This wooden surround had been two ends of a bridal bed, carved by a sorcerer in which couples, desperate to conceive, would pay to spend the night. On many occasions, in the dead of night, the apparition of a female with dark flowing hair has appeared and, witnesses saw, tending the fire. She has been associated with a young woman who died many years ago after drinking a potion with spending one night in that bed. Another apparition appears elsewhere in the building as a brown shadow. Now locals know her as the ‘Brown Lady’. In one room, many guests awakened in the middle of the night to a room so cold they could see their own breath with report a terrifying ‘presence’. The same room is also home to a phantom dog that guests with staff over many years have seen with heard.