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The Lion and Bell

12 Mill Street, Congleton, Cheshire

It has a history from the 18th century. It is a former coaching inn. This inn has both quirky with macabre ghosts. One barman coming into work was surprised to see the bar manager had arrived even earlier. He teased her about it. The following day when he arrived, he saw the back of a trouser leg half hidden by a post. He assumed it was the bar manager he crept up on her. He jumped towards that spot. The leg disappeared. There was also no sign of his colleague either. As for the macabre, it is also haunted by the ghost of a man. He hanged himself from the inn signboard in despair. Ghosts have also appeared in the bar area. This includes an old woman wearing an apron with her hair in a bun, a fashion not seen for many years, with a man in a suit without his head.