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Crown Hotel

High Street, Nantwich

It is a fabulously attractive inn. It has black with white with external beaming. This hotel is a four centuries old building. It is a listed First-grade as an important 16th century building. The three-storey building burned down in 1583. It was rebuilt with timbers from nearby Delamere Forest. Inside is much in the way of contemporaneous features, daub walls, with open fires. It exhibits ghostly manifestations. These include a sheep drover from many years ago who died during an auction of Welsh sheep. Witnesses see him wearing a smock jacket with gaitered trousers with a traditional crook. The other ghost to haunt this inn is a police officer seriously injured in a brawl in the town. He was brought here where he died. When witnesses see the constable, he is wearing a uniform of the time with a stovepipe hat. The Piggott family ran the Crown Hotel for over 30 years from the late 1870s. Thomas Piggott, proprietor in 1881, was world famous jockey, Lester Piggott’s great grandfather.