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Dalston Hall Hotel


“John Dalston, Elisabet, my wyf mad ys building’’ is the inscription in Gothic script that can be seen on this sixteenth century building. Above the manorial hall is a gallery and it is here where witnesses have observed the oldest ghost in the building. She is wearing a dress in the Tudor style and locals referred to her as ‘Lady Jane’. At the bottom of the stairs is an ancient doorway that leads to a staircase and a heavy iron gate. The staircase spirals up worn stone steps and comes out behind the honeymoon suite! One previously hidden cupboard was opened. There where it was discovered another staircase, ending in a blank wall, and with strange sounds issuing from behind it. There have been sounds from the empty cellars as though wooden beer barrels were being rolled about. When one staff member went down to investigate, he saw a ghostly man working there. However, he was told by reception the cellar should have been empty. One room exhibits ghostly manifestations, which includes the ghost of a maidservant who worked here many years ago. She died when she threw herself from the Pele tower above that room. The honeymoon suite has a four-poster bed and couples who have stayed in it have been awakened by the sound of girls’ voices, whispering and giggling, and the guests reported a sense of feeling that they were being watched. A further report of a Victorian-style repairperson ghost wearing a waistcoat and black hat. Witnesses have seen him working in the grounds but he disappears when anyone addresses him.