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The Bay Horse Inn

17 Church Square, Worsthorne, Burnley, Lancashire

In 1202, this was Worthesthorn, the thorn tree of a man called Weorth. The Bay Horse exhibits ghostly manifestations. These include a woman, thought to have been a previous proprietor’s wife who died in an accident here. Another local legend maintains that it is the ghost of a village miller’s wife, who drowned in the stream under the pub. Such streams, or wells, were a common feature at pubs for domestic use and brewing beer. The area around the pub exhibits ghostly manifestations. These include a small man, said to have reneged on a deal with the Devil and murdered for his caution. Many old pubs have stories of individuals who have made pacts with Satan to exchange their soul for riches. When they have retreated from this bargain, the Devil comes looking for them. Usually, one might recognise the Devil by his cloven feet, or his beer steams as he attempts to drink it. Astute and fearless human beings then sent him package.