Visit Haunted Inns and Hotels in Look at Haunted Pubs in East Midlands


The East Midlands boasts a rich heritage of haunted towns, cities, and cosy villages. Derby in its has several haunted inns, such as, The Dolphin. This ancient inn has its fair share of ghostly surprises for its customers. The wider district of Derbyshire covers a massive expanse of green, with its haunted country inns.


The multicultural city of Leicester also has a lot to share with those seeking to have a sleep at a haunted establishment or two. Leicestershire, the wider ceremonial county, has a terrific range of inns, as haunted as they come.


Lincolnshire with its historic castle is often a favourite. There are many reported ghostly incidents on record in this aspiring city. It is actually a city that has a small town feeling. It is homely, as are so many of its inns.


Northamptonshire is often described as a lesser known area of haunted influence. Its holds its on when it comes to haunted inns and its contribution to culture.


Nottingham is quite a large city. It definition has a few cosy corners. These are its haunted inns. The surrounding area of Nottinghamshire, with its tales of Robin Hood, up the ante when it comes to unexpected ghostly guests having been resident, both alive and dead in its spooky inns.


Finally, we have Rutland. This district is not without its haunted eateries. Why not stay around and have yourself an intriguing and ethereal visit?