Who are we and what can we offer you?

Who we are!

We are Haunted Hostelries UK. We are an authority on haunted pubs, inns, and hotels. We are the largest website outlet dedicated to haunted hostelries. We have over 1800 haunted pubs on record. We remain in contact with high caliber mediums, psychics, and the like. Also, we receive a high volume of web traffic. We were frequently approached for featured articles in the press. For example, the following articles are about us: The Publican’s Morning Advertiser and the North West Evening Mail.

What services do we offer?

We can help you if you know of a haunted public house. We can help host events at the venue. Here at Ghost Pubs, we love a good ghost story however, we also love to craft new partnerships. That's not all! Here's a list of what we offer and please take a look at any information relevant to you below:

  • Advertising space on Ghost Pubs or one of our subsidiary websites (including web development for any special requirements)
  • Organizing of ghost tours of haunted public houses, inns, hotels, and breweries
  • Organizing of paranormal events, e.g., séances, psychic nights, and, tarot readings
  • Providing of prospects for haunted accommodation in your hotels and inns
  • Providing of ghost stories about your haunted establishments

If you are interested then please contact us to become involved.