We are a brewery; or we're a pub chain - how can Ghost Pubs help?

How can we help you? Why should you advertise your inns as haunted?

There is growing dark tourism. Being haunted is good for business. Tourists from all over the world want to stay at haunted establishments or at least tour them. Some inns thrive upon claiming a haunted presence. We are aware of over 1800 haunted hostelries. So, that's over 3% of all UK public houses and it's rising. So, do you have haunted hostelries? If you would like to know more then contact us.

How can this work for your haunted hostelries?

At a minimum, your inns could opt to be included in a regular ghost tour. This can bring more people to your inns. You may even be interested in hosting other paranormal events, such as séances, psychic nights, tarot readings, and a ghost hunt. If you provide accommodation then being haunted would work even better for you; just ask around on our Facebook group.